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The Simpsons house cutaway.

Wow, the house was quite big. I never even saw all the rooms thinking of it

the room on the bottom floor between the garage and the kitchen…whaat???

That room between the kitchen and garage was shown a fair few times, but in early episodes only if my memory serves me right? Although I also believe Marge shouted at the Count from Sesame Street in that room which was relatively recent. It’s also where Homer sat when Bart, Milhouse and Martin fought over the Radioactive comic…..I need a life

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The giveaway would not have happened without all the supporters of!

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"I’m every concept artist’s failed attempts

I’m every unamusing weekend Dad

I’m every nondescript indifference

I’m every average fuck you’ve ever had”

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New APC:


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South Park, you haven’t missed a step. Fucking brilliant first episode!

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Karnivool’s new album is just brilliant. It’s far more chill than I was expecting (especially when The Refusal was revealed), and that surprises me in a good way. They seem to have evolved their sound whilst still keeping that Karnivool sound that we know and love. Some of these time sigs have even me baffled too!

Utterly awesome.

Text 14 Jun 5 notes The new Karnivool song ‘We Are’

There are no words. Wow. This band seemingly can do no wrong.

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Haven’t posted on here in what seems like forever, but I have to say:

New Karnivool song is SO FUCKING AWESOME.

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Tumblr, you are terrible and I barely use you anymore. I am drunk. Yes.

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Wow. Steven Wilson, you have done it again. Perfect.

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