Text 15 Nov

"I’m every concept artist’s failed attempts

I’m every unamusing weekend Dad

I’m every nondescript indifference

I’m every average fuck you’ve ever had”

Text 14 Oct 2 notes

New APC:


Text 26 Sep 4 notes

South Park, you haven’t missed a step. Fucking brilliant first episode!

Text 19 Jul 7 notes

Karnivool’s new album is just brilliant. It’s far more chill than I was expecting (especially when The Refusal was revealed), and that surprises me in a good way. They seem to have evolved their sound whilst still keeping that Karnivool sound that we know and love. Some of these time sigs have even me baffled too!

Utterly awesome.

Text 14 Jun 5 notes The new Karnivool song ‘We Are’

There are no words. Wow. This band seemingly can do no wrong.

Text 21 May 1 note

Haven’t posted on here in what seems like forever, but I have to say:

New Karnivool song is SO FUCKING AWESOME.

Text 25 Apr

Tumblr, you are terrible and I barely use you anymore. I am drunk. Yes.

Text 25 Feb 3 notes

Wow. Steven Wilson, you have done it again. Perfect.

Text 25 Feb 1 note

First listen to ‘Amok’: Excellent. Brilliant use of afro-beats and electronics, Yorke’s melancholy vox complimenting the upbeat tunes so well. Flea is just a master bassist really isn’t he? The whole shabang is just pure aural bliss. Onto Steven Wilson now.

Text 25 Feb

Two potential early Album Of The Year contenders released today. Steven Wilson’s ‘The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)’ will be listened to later on, but right now spinning Atoms For Peace’s debut ‘Amok’. Been waiting for this day for ages!

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